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About Alice C. Dames

Alice's professional background.

I have more than 20 years experience in project management (resources, schedule, budgets, scope, risks, issues and opportunities); business and process analysis; business, strategic and technical communications; news and feature writing; ghost-writing executive messages; instructional design, technical writing and training; teaching and corporate training facilitation.  I also have experience project-managing and writing content for social-media and text-messaging campaigns.


My professional certifications include:

  • PMP certified since September 2020 - (Certificate #: 2810637) 

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Practitioner since June 2019 - (Certificate ID: 19582776-5344)

  • Certified Trainer, American Management Association

How and where I provide my consulting services.


I provide virtual, project-based consulting and freelance work for clients:

  • Located anywhere the Internet reaches, and

  • On-site in the St. Louis metro area.


My client list and samples are quite extensive and growing all the time. I'd love for you and your company to be one of my clients.

Why creativity and clarity are so essential.

The best project managers and business leaders usually employ clear and creative communication methods because they know they must keep their stakeholders actively engaged. They also want their readers to believe them; therefore, they make sure their content is updated and relevant and the facts they quote are truthful -- never biased or misleading. 

Knowledge equals power! We communicate with others to share knowledge and vital information. Effective communication is empowering and helpful, while incomplete or ineffective communication is frustrating and useless.

If a project document, web site or training program uses a lot of  useless jargon (a.k.a., "alphabet soup") or strays far from  everyday plain English, your audience will get lost on the dark side of the moon. You don't want them to go there!   

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