"I know this was a last-minute, emergency request. I want to thank you for helping me with the materials Ethics asked me to provide on what our workgroup is doing to promote safety, transparency and a Speak UP culture. Ethics will be using what we prepared for the annual Ethics Recommitment." -- Monika P., former senior director at Boeing

  • Data Solutions Strategy Manager at Boeing

"Your weekly newsletter is a big hit; the team also appreciates that their first-line managers are referencing it in their staff meetings. I am encouraged and hopeful that this will lead to higher employee engagement scores." -- Brandon D. Data Solutions manager at Boeing

  • PMO Manager at Boeing

"Because the article byline was our senior director, I had no idea that you were the one who ghostwrote the article about creating measurable project metrics. It was an excellent piece and I used it during my last meeting to guide and coach my PMO project managers." -- Alyce J. PMO manager at Boeing

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Alice C. Dames

I'm a certified project manager, strategic communicator, ghostwriter, business analyst and instructional designer located in St. Louis, MO.


I perform consulting onsite locally and remotely -- wherever the Internet, phone and a plane can take you. 

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