• Evgenia Boushmarina, Senior Developer

"If I were the type of person who believed in Santa Claus, and Santa Claus was a real person, that Santa would be Alice Dames. She is the only project manager I have ever worked with who actually took the time to listen to me, understand the nature of my work problem and then find a way to fix it. All of the other project managers I have worked with have done nothing more than ask me for dates and completion percentages. They never helped me solve a problem. But Alice did that for me." -- Evegenia Boushmarina, Senior Developer, Hudson's Bay Company

  • Nickole Wallace, IT PMO Manager

"I have known Alice Dames for almost two years and I will gladly say that she is one of the most transparent people that I know. She is also the most detailed project manager that I have ever worked with. If you are looking for someone that will thoroughly investigate, document and maintain a project than look no further than Alice Dames. She strives for excellence and she tries to get that out of the people that she is working with. She is passionate and has no problem taking directions from a passionate leader. She also has no problem with taking and giving constructive criticism. As the PMO Manager we look for people with all these qualities and I am sure that whomever she works for that she will be an asset to that team and company."-- Nickole Wallace, IT PMO Manager, Hudson's Bay Company

  • TJ Bross, Equifax Workforce Solutions

"Alice has Woo, but it won’t take a StrengthsFinder survey to figure that out if you’ve ever met her. I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Alice during the latter half of 2013 in our time together at Equifax Workforce Solutions. She joined as a Project Manager at around the same time that I had joined as a Systems Engineer on the Product Development team behind The Work Number. We worked together on several projects during that time, and it did not take long to work harmoniously with her on any of these efforts. Alice would be a great asset for any organization where she could leverage her project management knowledge, her great communications skills, her passion for teaching and learning, and her abundance of woo."-- TJ Bross, Product Owner, Data Engineering, Equifax Workforce Solutions

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Alice C. Dames

I'm a certified project manager, strategic communicator, ghostwriter, business analyst and instructional designer located in St. Louis, MO.


I perform consulting onsite locally and remotely -- wherever the Internet, phone and a plane can take you. 

(314) 277-0658

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