• Stephanie Cumming, Equifax Workforce Solutions

"I had the pleasure to work with Alice on a recent project. As the Project Manager, she was responsible for managing the IT development process. Alice took the initiative and drove the project to completion in only a few months. Additionally, she took the time to give me guidance writing business requirements. Even though we only worked on one project together, I consider Alice an invaluable colleague and friend." -- Stephanie Cummings, Senior Director, Sales & Analytics, Equifax Workforce Solutions.

"Alice is a highly detailed, hard worker with a great array of skills. She is friendly and personable with an easy wit and a strong work ethic. She has made a major contribution to our project and I would highly recommend her to others looking for a smart, self-driven technical communicator."-- Rosa Halcomb, Director, Spectrum Enterprise Process Engineering / Change Management

  • John Standlee, Senior Business Systems Analyst

"When given lemons, Alice makes lemon chiffon pie. In the final months of SeaWorld IT in Saint Louis the team environments were unstable, indifferent, sometimes hostile. Alice organized and directed a team of technical writers given the task of extracting every bit of undocumented knowledge on closely interacting custom systems from sometimes unwilling participants in order to transition to new employees and contractors in Orlando all in a very few months. Not only did Alice's team accomplish their task, they did so with tenacity and compassion. The former was of necessity, the later of their conscience and ethics; both speak to the leadership demonstrated by Alice. There are few I could point to and say "natural leader," Alice is one."-- John Standlee, Senior Business Systems Analyst

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Alice C. Dames

I'm a certified project manager, strategic communicator, ghostwriter, business analyst and instructional designer located in St. Louis, MO.


I perform consulting onsite locally and remotely -- wherever the Internet, phone and a plane can take you. 

(314) 277-0658

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