"Managing a group of technical writers with no previous experience within the company trying to extract as much information as possible from developers and architects looking to leave the company, Alice was very effective in a challenging situation. Alice coordinated with and collected feedback from various managers, architects and developers on the desired documentation needed to transition dozens of systems from staff in St. Louis, MO to new hires in Orlando, FL. Sometimes dealing with antagonism and in one case an employee who simply disappeared. Alice kept her cool the whole time, despite the pressures, to deliver quality documentation products in the short time available." -- Ian Poertner, Chief Architect, Application Development, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

  • Harshit Rai, Manager Exchange Content

"Alice was a thoroughly detail oriented Business Analyst. She brought immediate clarity to every project that she involved with. She was diversly skilled, knowledgeable and communicative." -- Harshit Rai, Manager Exchange Content, Thomson-Reuters.

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Alice C. Dames

I'm a certified project manager, strategic communicator, ghostwriter, business analyst and instructional designer located in St. Louis, MO.


I perform consulting onsite locally and remotely -- wherever the Internet, phone and a plane can take you. 

(314) 277-0658

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